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Get 6 months of free energy and save 50% on your power bill when you go solar.Get a no obligation solar quote with SmartGrid to get started.

Get 6 months of free energy and save 50% on your power bill when you go solar.


Eliminate Your Energy Bill

Once your system is paid for, your energy bill will be completely eliminated. The average SmartGrid customer saves over $40,000 that they would have paid to their utility.

Zero Down

SmartGrid has absolutely no up front or out of pocket costs. We eliminate all obstacles towards going solar so that you can start saving money and the planet immediately.

Protect The Environment

A typical residential solar panel system will eliminate three to four tons of carbon emissions each year—the equivalent of planting over 100 trees every year.

The SmartGrid Solar Story

The SmartGrid Story

The story of SmartGrid Solar started with two guys in the home improvement field who saw a revolution coming in the way we as people power our homes. For generations man has been limited to purchasing fuel to keep their home and family alive. Our fathers and their fathers before them had no choice but to buy oil and gas from industries that set the price as they see fit, ever increasing the cost through inflation and making the little man work a little bit more each year to afford to keep the lights on.

Our vision became clear – technology would soon allow mankind the freedom to harness energy directly from the Sun, and bring this energy right into our homes. No more burning. No more polluting. No more toxic fumes and ozone warnings on the morning news before heading into work. Most importantly, no more price increases!

Luckily so many others felt the same way. In fact, the U.S. Government also acknowledged that something had to be done, so special programs were passed into congress to help people install solar on their homes affordably. It was at this time when the vision aligned, and we at SmartGrid knew it was time to ride the most important wave of human history: Changing the way the world uses energy. We knew there was a Smarter way to solve this problem, and the sun was our biggest answer.

We are proud to help customers harness this power by using state of the art equipment. Installing and connecting you to all the funding and government programs you need to cut the electric bill down immediately. All of our solar panels utilize brand new cutting edge technology that, in most cases, can power your entire home. Backed by an unprecedented 20 year warranty on labor, we want you to sleep sound knowing that your system will be running through the test of time.

For two guys in the “Home Improvement” field, we like to think we graduated to the “World Improvement” field.

It seemed like the right thing to do, the technology had evolved and the only thing we saw missing was a company Smart enough to help the world get there. Anyone who owns their own home needs to own their own electricity too. Help us all grow together by using clean, safe, cheaper power and ultimately we will save far more than just money alone.


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